Ojai Studio Artists Tour and The Best Laid Plans

Many of you know – or have met me – at The Annual Ojai Studio Artists Tour. It’s one of my favorite events to participate in every year. (The image above is a detail of an almost finished painting…)

I’m still participating – just abbreviated. Why? My best-laid plans can’t stand up to airline flight changes…

A friend and I are traveling to San Miguel del Allende for an art workshop that starts Oct. 14. It’s a workshop both of us really wanted to take and is only offered once a year. But… I knew I had to be in my studio on the 13th.

We looked at flights and saw we could leave at 11:00 pm, sleep on the plane (haha!) and then grab an hour sleep before our workshop started. And… (I learned you couldn’t start a sentance with an And… but Merrium-Webster says it’s ok now.  So, if any of you are grammar police – and you know who you are – get with it!) my good friend and painting buddy decided she would give up her sleep to make this work. Perfect, right?

Wrong… we didn’t count on the dreaded flight change! Our late night flight was cancelled and we are leaving in the am.

I must admit, I’m a little relieved… will be able to adjust to the time change and have some rest.

But… I’m going to be missing all the tour-goers on Sunday.

Which one will you choose?

My husband has volunteered to keep my studio open (and told me – no threatened me- that I have to make a video in case there are any questions) so.. to make a long, winding story a bit longer, my studio will be open for the tour on Saturday and Sunday.

See me on Saturday – my husband on Sunday! It will be interesting to see who gets more visitors!