Carrizo National Monument… Peace


It  is 24×36 and is oil with cold wax medium on cradled board.


Sometimes artists go back to pieces – this is one. I finished it in June of 2019 and in August I changed it. I realized what I had drawn me into the view – I had filled with clutter. So, I “decluttered” it and now, I’m happy with it. (It has varnish on it – so that’s a good tell…)

It  is 24×36 and is oil with cold wax medium on cradled board. Even though I also use cold wax medium for abstract work – I also love using it in more traditional media as well. It’s creamier and I love working with it!

This piece is called “Carrizo National Monument… Peace.” Why did I call it that? Because it is so peaceful and quiet there. When I stood at this scene, the wildflower  super-bloom was happening and there there were more people than usual at the Plains. Yet, it is still remote and harder for people to do selfies with the flowers in real time – there is usually no service there.

Standing at this spot that day, all I heard – for a brief moment, was the sound of the wind tickling the expansive brush. The rest… peaceful silence.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 24 in


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