Yes, Viriginia…artists can have Cyber Monday sales…but in this case, it’s err…Thursday or Friday? Oh, wait, today is Wednesday. (I think the paint fumes are getting to me…no just kidding.)

Anyway…you can help support an artist and buy my new wall calendar! Every month, a different view. Most of the scenes are local but some Santa Ynez area and some Northern California coastline.

So…this calendar is $20…folded out, it’s 11″ x 17″ wire-bound.

I do charge shipping…sorry folks, but I am not Jeff Bezos (the wealthiest man in the world and founder of Amazon — well he keeps changing between 1 & 2 depending on the stock market) and free shipping doesn’t work with such a small margin. If you live out of the area, and want it shipped…buy below.