Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking at work as much I enjoy painting them!

Ojai, California Palette Knife Painter

Ojai is in-between Southern and Central California – a little piece of heaven. Enjoy the journey!

Welcome to my website! I’m a Southern/Central California painter in Ojai, Ca. I love to paint outdoors (as well as in my studio). I’ve discovered painting with palette knives the last couple of years and now, I’ve pretty much given up using my brushes. (I do use squeegees once in awhile!) My website is a work on progress…so please subscribe to my blog and keep up with all my latest news!

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Day 88 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Day 88 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

A number of these pieces I know I'll paint them again -- only larger. This is one of them. The flow of the glacier rivulets are fascinating on a number of levels. Visually, they way they wind through the landscape is enjoyable and intriguing. But I also...