Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy looking at work as much I enjoy painting them!

Ojai, California Palette Knife Painter

Ojai is in-between Southern and Central California – a little piece of heaven. Enjoy the journey!

Welcome to my website! I’m a Southern/Central California painter in Ojai, Ca. I love to paint outdoors (as well as in my studio). I’ve discovered painting with palette knives the last couple of years and now, I’ve pretty much given up using my brushes. (I do use squeegees once in awhile!) My website is a work on progress…so please subscribe to my blog and keep up with all my latest news!

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Day 89 of My 90 Day Challenge

Day 89 of My 90 Day Challenge

Day 89... hard to believe it's almost over. I think I would feel sad, except some new cradled boards (a lot larger than what I've been painting on for this project) arrived today from Jerry's Artarama and I have to admit... I'm excited! There are a few...


Indulge in a Visual Feast of Art Couture

Indulge in a Visual Feast of Art Couture

What the heck is she talking about? Art Couture? Well, as fashionistas know, couture is art, but as my friends know, I'm no fashionista! (As I write this, I'm in my paint pants and a black original huh?) Anyway, I digress... Fashion designer Greta...