What the heck is she talking about? Art Couture?

Well, as fashionistas know, couture is art, but as my friends know, I’m no fashionista! (As I write this, I’m in my paint pants and a black t-shirt…so original huh?)

Anyway, I digress…

Fashion designer Greta Lovina, painter Susan Cook and me are putting on a show that defies categorization: is it a fashion show or an art exhibit?

It’s all things combined. Susan and I have painted (in our own styles) images of Greta’s clothes into our paintings. Observe how the the marvelous designs transfer and evolve into a unique collaboration between three kindred spirits.

Our happening…event…parties (try on some clothes!) will be at Primavera Gallery in Ojai on December 2 and December 9 from 7 – 9 pm.

Well…better get back out to my studio!


PS: Can artists have Cyber Monday? You bet…I’ll be coming up with some specials so you can do your holiday shopping from your comfy chair or couch….or bed…or…not sure if I want to go there. LOL Stay tuned!