Day 82 of My 90 Day Challenge

Misty Day at Denali, Alaska

We arrived home from Alaska late last night, but I think part of me is still there…I think I’ll be painting Alaska for awhile!

I was particularly fascinated with the tundra. From what I understand, all the colors are the fall colors…it was striking to see the colors against a snowy mountain. (no snowy mountain on this painting though)

We didn’t have much sun this day – but each elevation seemed to have it’s own weather pattern. We went from misty rain, to sun to heavy clouds. If I had my way – I would’ve camped there and painted at least twice a day there. I know it changes often. The quiet. The peace. Sigh…

But… I have to admit, I absolutely loved being in my studio painting with my lights, and not having to worry about getting paint on objects around the hotel rooms or cruise ship!