San Antonio Creek

While San Antonio Creek exists, this little gem of view doesn’t exist anymore.

A number of years ago a friend told me about this spot and I eagerly went there with my paints. It’s on the Ojai Bike Path between Casitas Springs and Oakview.

I truly felt as if I were in a “Secret Space” and loved going here. Alas… the trail was bumpy and bad, flooding out when we oddly had rain (which doesn’t happen much!) and probably broke a lot of bike tires.

So… the county tore up a lot of this and put in a steel bridge. Yes, it’s probably safer, but there was something about this scene that I felt was fine the way it was.

I started off with my notan.

And… as I kept painting, at times I need to lay it flat. Sometimes it seems to work better with a palette knife that way.

I mixed a lot of greens for this painting so I think tomorrow I’m going to have to find another image with a lot of green. Stay tuned and thanks for sharing my journey.