Day 79 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

View from Denali Park Village

We are off the ship! It’s kind’ve sad… just touring, eating, drinking and painting. However, we are on a land-tour organized by Royal Caribbean. We got here around 5’ish and after a nice walk, I figured out what I was going to paint. I almost went to my room to grab my easel and paint Plein air, but when I got back to the room, it started pouring.

Tomorrow at 5:30 am we are taking a 6 hour tour of Denali. The good thing is that we do stop about every 90 minutes to get out, take photos, etc. When we are done with our tour, we the hop on a train to Fairbanks.

But.. back to today. On our way to our hotel, we saw some country where trees were barely growing. It was the permafrost. The colors were amazing! I know I’ll paint a permafrost painting, but might do that when I get home. Anyway, I’m loving this trip. Today, Kevin and I saw an old friend from St. Louis – she lives in Anchorage. She actually pushed Kevin and I together back in the day…