Day 78 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Leaving Skagway

Today is a sea day — this am we saw (and heard!) the Hubbard Glacier. Every time a piece broke off it sounded like a cannon firing. Also saw some “snow falls” from the glacier – it looked like a waterfall only it was snow from the glacier pouring in the cold ocean. It was strange, but the ocean looked sluggier (is that a word) than it has on other parts of our journey.

But… I didn’t paint the glacier today, I chose this image from when we were leaving Skagway yesterday. I loved the high peaks of the mountains with the green hill in front of it.

Today is our last day on the ship. Tomorrow in the am we are doing a land tour out to Denali. I know we stop in Anchorage for lunch, but I’m unsure of my schedule and unsure if I’m going to be able to paint tomorrow. I hope so! I’m looking forward to seeing Denali! My paints, easel and boards are packed ready for the next adventure.