Day 77 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

View of Skagway, Alaska from the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway

What a glorious sunny day! We arrived in Skagway his morning and the first thing I did was open our curtain so I could see what type of day it would be. The sun was out!!! The excursion I booked was for the railway and we got to see some Alaskan dogs in action as well as the puppies. (Awhhh….) They were only 16 days old so they were very cute.

We we getting close to the end of our cruise: on tomorrow is cruising all day and Friday, we’re taking a post-tour and going to Denali. Hope this weather holds up!

The Northern Lights are supposed to be out tonight. If we can see the stars when we go bed, I’m setting the alarm for 3 am. Well, that’s all for tonight, going to watch the show!