Day 75 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Today we docked at Icy Strait Point in Alaska. It was a little misty/rainy but not enough to prevent us from walking around and enjoying the scenery.

We also had some great crab for lunch and just had an all-around good day.We didn’t do any excursions today – but tomorrow we are going to canoe around Mendhenall Glacier! I’m excited to see what that looks like.

I picked this scene to paint because I really liked the greens against the gray and cloudy sky and water. So far on this trip, my greens are feeling neglected and it felt good to pop the in.

We did walk into one of the stores to check out their tanzanite earrings. I had tried some on the day before in Ketchikan and Kevin and I both thought they looked good on me. The only thing? The price. My first thought when we found out how much they cost was: that’s a lot of tubes of paint. My second thought was: hmmm… that’s almost another vacation! So… we left without them. So, today I just thought I’d ask in the store in Icy Point how much they were and they were more…

Oh well, my jewels are vacations and paint — can’t think of much else I need!