Day 72 of My 90 Painting Challenge

View from Radiance of the Seas at Canada Place, Vancouver, BC

Blue skies!! Just as we were leaving Vancouver. There was still a pile of smoke hugging the mountains, but it was definitely clearing. (Of course!) Right now I’m sitting on our balcony listening to the waves against the ship. Aaahhhh…. Just put away my paints.

I’ve realized while I’ve been on this painting adventure that there are a few things I miss: good lighting in my studio, the abilit to work whenever I want; and frankly, even though these Raymar boards are very lightweight, I miss my DaVinci cradled boards. I much prerfer the way the paint lays on those – at least for my way of painting. But.. enough whining! We’re on our way to Alaska, I got to visit good friends in Seattle and made some new ones in Vancouver.

It’s definitely an adventure!