Day 71 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Vancouver BC Harbor from Granville Island

Yesterday we toured Vancouver BC and had a wonderful meal on Granville Island. Had black cod — at my local fish store in Ojai they get black cod and I’ve bought it a few times but have never seen it in a restaurant. to say it was superb was an understatement I think we’ve had fish at every meal.

When we were done, we took the ferry (one of the shortest rides ever!) back to Vancouver. This scene is from the ride. As you can see by the painting, it’s still smoky. I know Vancouver is surrounded by mountains… but haven’t seen them!

Today we shopped a little, met some co-workers of Kevin’s for lunch and got to have a tour of the shipping terminal where all the cruise ships leave from. (Kevin works in that business) What I particularly like about this port is that it’s run by two women! That business is mostly men and frankly, I love seeing women in positions of power in the maritime industry.

Tomorrow we get to see the cruise ship terminal from a whole different perspective – as the passenger. I’m truly hoping that some of the smoke clears so we can see what things really look like here before we go. I’m hoping to get some good paintings in Alaska!