Day 70 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

View from Pan Pacific: Vancouver, Canada

Our first night in Vancouver we ate with some lovely co-workers of Kevin’s at Pan Pacific. The view probably would’ve been spectacular (they all told us it would’ve been) but I am having fun trying to capture the moodiness and haziness of these days. British Columbia is burning (but of course, not due to climate change… NOT!) and I’m waiting to hear POTUS tell BC to cut al their trees down so there aren’t any more fires.

I am disappointed… I thought I was going to get so many images to paint from — but the world doesn’t revolve around my wishes (and why not?) so I just have to make the best of what I see.

It is beautiful here… even with al the smoke Today we were on Granville Island and my mouth was salivating when I saw huge scallops for under $17/pound. I was tempted to get some. Hmmm… maybe I will tomorrow.