Carrizon Plains Silo

I meant to spend most of the days painting today, but the grands tugged at me (one on the other end of the country) and we all ended up playing Minecraft together on our server. (Don’t tell anyone…) It was a full afternoon of fun, building and well…mining. They wanted to come over to tomorrow when they get got out of school, but I do have a lot I want to do in my studio so had to tell them no…

Anyway, I took a photo of my work so far hanging in my studio — and I like it!

I think they look nice together!

Today’s painting is from Carrizon National Monument and was a silo that I saw that seemed to be part of an abandoned farm. I was fascinated by it just being in the middle of the plain… sitting there and waiting to be filled.

Tomorrow… I have cradled boards to sand, gesso and paint!