Day 69 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

From Greg’s Balcony Day 3

Well it was even smokier today. I thought I wasn’t going to paint but since we had to have all the doors and windows open because Greg doesn’t have air conditioning and it was hot – I figured I wasn’t going to be any worse off on his balcony than inside. I worked quickly because we were packing to go to Vancouver.

We are now in Vancouver and had a wonderful meal with people from Kevin’s company. Our room was upgraded to a suite so there is room to set-up my easel!! The light isn’t great, but I just wanted to add a little more paint to this piece.

I have been feeling very grateful for my studio: the light is good and I don’t have to worry if I get paint on the floor. BUT, we are in Vancouver and even though it’s smoky, I”m going to enjoy! I already know what I’m painting tomorrow…after we sleep in.