Day 67 of My 90 Day Challenge

View from Greg’s Balcony

We’re in Seattle! But… friends here are telling me it has been clear and blue. But.. right now they are being inundated from smoke from Vancouver and Portland. Today I actually saw  a red sun…haven’t seen that since The Thomas Fire last year.

But… about the painting. I was standing on his balcony and that sun was just beating down on me. Believe me, I felt like giving up…but this project is about painting whether things are nice or not. I have painted Plein air with little bugs biting me so painting with the sun beating down was not that big of a deal.

We spent the rest of the day walking around Seattle, paid a visit to Daniel Smith and picked up some new paint colors. A friend told me about Amazonite Green and I had to try it. They were so helpful in there, I could’ve spent hours there. I couldn’t spend too much time in there because we had an Uber driver waiting for us outside.

Looking forward to getting out on the balcony earlier tomorrow and seeing what I can paint!