Day 65 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Shore Acres State Park: Coos Bay Oregon

This is from our trip up to Oregon in a rented RV. The coastline in Oregon is magical, powerful and wild. There are many signs saying that you shouldn’t turn your back to the sea. You didn’t see people swimming — I think because the currents in Oregon are so strong. That being said, this was a sweet little spot that we probably could’ve safely swam. There was so much to see that all we could do was drink in our surroundings and then we headed into Coos Bay.

I knew I’d be gone for a long time today so I started the painting early (still in my jammies — that’s an advantage to having a studio connected to your home) and blocked in some major shapes.  I absolutely loved the resistance I felt with the paint when I got back to my studio — over 12 hours later. There was such a difference I liked it.