Day 64 of My 90 Day Painting Challenge

Mt. Shasta, California

A few years ago we rented an RV and drove up to Oregon. I used to spend my summers in Canada camping via canoe so the idea of traveling so glam as in an RV was foreign to me.. I loved and truly appreciated it when we drove up to Mt. Shasta.

We couldn’t go all the way up — they had closed the road leading up just the day before (how were we to know that they closed it Oct. 31?) so we went up halfway. There was snow all over and it was cold. I was determined to paint, so I plein air painted that day.

But… what made me really appreciate the RV, my husband was comfortably sitting in the RV warming up some homemade chili that I had made. When I was done painting, I came back to the RV and we ate hot food watching the snow. Couldn’t quite do that with a canoe! (would’ve had to make a fire first!)

So… think there is something to camping in an RV!