Drought! Lake Casitas

Some of you may look at this painting and think: Lake? I don’t see a lake…. well, it did used to be there, right in front of where the woman is sitting. Now, it’s just dust and grass. We still do have a Lake Casitas, but this portion of the lake is dried up. Unfortunately, this is where we get our water. Scary.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this especially with all the fires we’re having in California. The abnormal heat combined with the lack of rain have created a tinder box. Some people think our environmental policies have created this mess… but I think it’s our environmental policies that have made things better than they could be.

Years ago, when we first moved to Southern California, smog days were part of the summer. You couldn’t go outside, you couldn’t expertise outside. It was unhealthy. You could see a yellowish haze hanging around the LA basin. Then, some of our environmental laws kicked in and our gas during the summer months is different. (I’m not an engineer… so not quite sure what they do). It does cost more, but the difference is astounding. I can’t remember the last time there was a smog day and I don’t get headaches if I go into the valley anymore.

So… thank you California for being on the forefront of our protecting our state. Of course, now there are so many things that are contributing to our fire: the beetle destroying our pines, the weakened condition of our trees because of the drought and the high heat. The trees in our backyard are singed from the heat and they are getting water. We live in paradise, I just hope it doesn’t become “Paradise Lost.”