Davidson, NC or I Swear That's Tardis in Disguise

The first time I walked by this “information booth” in Davidson, NC – I swore it was Tardis in disguise! For those of you that don’t know the good Doctor (and I know my good friend’s the Black’s know!) that observation is meaningless.

But, that being said, I thought it was quirky to have this booth sitting in the middle of Americana sidewalk. Davidson is a nice town – the downtown is very walkable and active. There are a lot of restaurants and stores for shopping and the people that work there call you mam and sir.

There’s a nice lake there as well (water!! such an odd site for this Southern California woman) and the proximity to a good university and major city (Charlotte) gives a lot of energy to this town.

This was a challenge. This piece is 7″ tall y 5″ wide and working with a palette knife was difficult. But… that’s part of the fun of this project. I can experiment and really try and push the limits to what I can do with these knives.