"The Sound of Silence: Lake Nemegosenda"

When I was young, we moved to Northern Quebec. I loved everything about it: the snow, the pines, the lady slippers that popped up in the spring. When we moved back to the States, I was fortunate enough to spend my summers in Ontario canoeing through Algonquin Park and Timagami National Preserve.

Some of my canoe trips were in extremely isolated areas — we wouldn’t hear anything man-made, no airplanes, no motor boats, no cars. The lakes were so clean we dipped our cups in the lakes and drank.

At night…we’d sit at the edge of the lake and — if they were in season — listen to the sounds of the loons echoing through the silence. How I loved that sound!

It was very difficult to explain to my husband how quiet it was…how peaceful. A couple of summers ago, he got to listen for himself on Lake Nemegosenda.

One of my oldest friends has a cabin on the lake — you can’t even drive up to it. The minute we went to the shoreline, I felt all the years of city/suburb living wash away. I was back! I was listening to the sounds of silence and my ears couldn’t get enough. The only thing missing was the loons… but I will be back.