Gaviota State Beach

Today I dropped a lovely relative off at the Santa Barbara Airport (a fantastic place to fly in and out of!) and I decided to paint plein air at the beach near the airport. I knew it was going to be hot in Ojai and my studio – so wanted to paint where it was cool.

I also knew that this time of day (noonish) was not the best time to paint – but this is all about the process… so I painted anyway. 

Artists aren’t supposed to say what we struggle with… but painting the pier on a 4×6″ board with a palette knife was tough!! Everytime I find something challenging, I have to mull it over and see what I can do better next time.

A couple of years ago I was part of a plein air competition and managed to paint the pier at Tahoe fairly well. But… at that time, I was using a brush. 

I haven’t figured out the solution yet, still mulling it over.