Clouds, Clouds, Clouds

Clouds, clouds, clouds… I forgot to post last night. Actually, I did remember, but somehow my laptop got uplugged and all of a sudden – poof! It blinked off. I figured the universe was telling me to get some shuteye.

Anyhoo… we don’t get many clouds (but lots of fog at the coast which isn’t far from my house)  in California so I don’t have much opportunity to paint clouds. I have been successful painting them, but usually am unsuccessful. So, I decided to do just a painting with clouds. I tried some different techniques with my palette knives. But, I don’t think my sky was blue enough (but what a difference a day makes, didn’t notice that until this morning when I was posting it) so the difference between the clouds and sky aren’t as apparent as I’d like. 

So, today I’m going to do another cloud painting, but this time in context of a landscape. We’ll see how it goes!