Quiet Spot at Inglenook Winery

A couple of years ago, we went to Napa for a few days. There are so many wineries there, that it’s hard to choose!

A friend is a sommelier in Santa Rosa and he recommended a few places – one of them was Inglenook.

If I hadn’t respected his opinion so much, I might’ve completely ignored his suggestion – my thoughts of Inglenook was boxed wine. He also suggested that we try the Rubicon. after perusing their website, I realized the only way to taste it was to pay for a tour with food samples. We decided to pay for it because I did trust Kary.

My trust was not misplaced! It was worth every penny and if I was richer, I would’ve bought a few bottles. Sigh.

I loved learning about the history,  (fascinating btw…) walking around the winery and the grounds – and of course tasting! The tasting we bought included learning all of the above. Found out the best wine with sushi is sparkling! (I’ve tried it — and it’s true!)

Anyway… as you can tell, I loved this place. Maybe I was a winery owner in a past life?