A Day at the Aegean Sea

My cousin Maria and her husband Apostoli brought Kevin and I to a swim club for a nice swim in the Aegean Sea. It was so beautiful – the water was warm… (for those of us that live in Southern California, warm ocean water just doesn’t exist!), it was another perfect day in Greece.

I thought of my family that is so far away while I was painting this while also feeling slightly guilty that I was painting while my mom is visiting me from Phoenix. But… I am committed to this, so I paint! I ran into a friend today at Santa Barbara airport where I was picking up my mom. We were talking about my 90 Day Challenge and she asked me: what would happen if you skip it?

I told her nothing… but, I’ve made this challenge for myself and I want to keep it up. Frankly, I’m enjoying it and I’m learning more and more how to use my tools. The only thing I would do different? Is maybe pick a different time of year when there aren’t quite so many visitors…