Ojai Morning

Not sure how this is going to work – I’m testing this and writing this post by phone.

I’m out of town and painted this is the am before I left. Our mountains are a constant here and I love them! They are in almost every direction. I used to feel like I was doing something wrong because the mountains really appear close – all the things we learned about atmospheric perspective seem forced.

I’ve taken a couple of workshops with Mary Bentz Gilkerson and she said the mountains in California don’t appear as far as away as we think because of the dry atmosphere – doesn’t push them back like a humid climate would. She suggested we paint what we see! So now I do!

I won’t be painting for a couple of days. No room in a Prius for three grands, luggage and paints. (Plus we’re in Palm Springs — too hot to plein air paint and not enough room to paint in the room). So… see you Monday!