Levack, Ontario

Today was a very busy day AWAY from my studio. This morning I went to a celebration of Ojai’s Trimpin Arch at 9 am. Then, went to my brother’s play in Los Angeles. (He wrote and acted in it.) It’s called “Forever Bound” and has one more weekend — it’s truly a great play…go see it!

Anyway…I digress. After I came back home from Trimpin, went to my studio and started working on mixing my colors. I knew I wouldn’t have time to finish a painting before we went to LA — but wanted to get some of it done.

I wanted to make sure my values were correct. Love this handy value scale that’s built into my new plein air easel that I’m using in my studio…

So…after we got back home, went back out into my studio and started with my notan.

I used a t-square to make sure my horizon was straight and then started painting!

This is from a trip to Canada. I was visiting one of my oldest and dearest friends. We were sitting on the deck, having a drink, looking at the lake.

Why don’t you come join us for a swim?