Another day plein air painting. I’m actually practicing for a trip to Alaska later in August – I plain on bringing my paints with me and painting! (I have a very patient and supportive husband)

When I was leaving this spot the other day, I noticed a tree that was almost burned to a crisp. There are a lot of those around. Driving up the 33 to Ojai besides all the burned trees you also see a lot that are just plain suffering from the drought and then the high heat.

I knew I had to paint it. It was a little more challenging – the sun was behind me so there was a lot of light hitting my board. I’m trying to see how light can I go, so I didn’t bring an umbrella. Even though it was 9 am – the heat was building up and I could feel rivulets of sweat pouring down my body.

But… despite the heat – getting outside and painting makes it all worth it.