Pompous Pig or F*ck Trump

I was driving to work today and Eminem’s “Cold Wind Blows” came on. The deep bass grooving under the anger, the F*ck this, F*ck that (and yes, in my mind capital F) reflected perfectly my reaction to our traitorous POTUS.

Yes, I don’t usually discuss politics in my art. I have friends that have completely bought into his cult of personality so I try and be aware of our differences. But frankly, he’s gone too far. He’s an embarrassment to our country and for the first time in my life since Kent State, I’m ashamed to be an American.

If I’m offending you, well.. don’t look at my art, don’t buy it.  WE have a imbecile child (way to go London!) leading our country and it would unpatriotic to pretend otherwise.

My name for this piece in my mind was “F*ck Trump,” but my husband took one look at it and called it Pompous Pig. He’s so right.