View from Figueroa Mountain Firewatch

One of my favorite places to paint, to visit, to rejuvenate is Figueroa Mountain. Even more special (to me!) is the fire watch. I’m not even sure if that’s the name, but it was/is a fire watch – the tower is still there and looks like it’s in use.

Some years, I’ve tried to drive up there and the road is blocked from fallen trees or other things. Other years, it’s smooth sailing!

What I especially like is that you have a 360 degree view of the terrain around you. From one view, you can see the ocean (which it seems really far inland so that’s even more amazing) another view, the mountains that go on forever and other views as well including this one.

It’s usually quiet up there and it’s also a great place to picnic. I prefer going in the spring when the poppies and lupines are blooming or the winter when there’s a nice brisk breeze. It’s so hot now, guess I have to wait until the New Year to get my fix!