Isle Royale Mist

Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! (is that how you write a scream?) Today, my oils and I had a fight… it actually started yesterday but today it was even worse.

Everything felt so slippery – it wasn’t my support. Yesterday I painted on cradled board and today on canvas. so… that had nothing to do with it. I noticed my paint was very soupy on my palette. And… since I don’t use medium, I knew it couldn’t be that.

So… this little painting, which is a misty day at Isle Royale in Lake Superior, took me twice as long as it usually does. I took a break and was hoping the paint would have a little more “tooth” after a couple of hours.  But, no… it was just as wet as when I started painting.

What to do? Soldier on and hope I could at least get the values. I wanted to smell this country that I know so well. While I was painting it – I could, for a brief moment, smell the rich, damp earth full of life.

I was home.