Hendry's Beach aka Arroyo Burro Beach

It’s funny, I never knew Hendry’s Beach wasn’t the real name — the “official” name is Arroyo Burro beach. Kind’ve similar to Bates Beach is really North Rincon Beach. I remember when Kay Zetlmaier and I were running The Ventura Plein Air Invitational, Bates Beach was one of the places we had everyone paint. The problem was – when I tried to map Bates Beach, it didn’t show up — because that’s not it’s real name! But… I digress.

Hendry’s Beach is one of my favorite places – not only is there a great restaurant there right on the water — but at sunset, the cliffs reflect the light back on the beach (especially during the winter) and cast a rosy glow over everything.

This painting doesn’t depict that. I probably took this photo (I’m always looking for things to paint) after a nice lunch at the Boathouse.

The only downside to Hendry’s? For a painter? It’s a dog beach… which dogs are fine. But, when there are 30 of them running loose, knocking over your easel, it doesn’t make for a good painting day. But, if you’re a dog owner, it’s a great place to take you friend. They have a special area where you can wash your dog and they can run leash free!