Valley View Vineyard

I knew this image was from a Lucas & Llewelyn wine club BBQ — but I didn’t know that it was the Valley View Vineyard until I received my wine shipment this month. There was almost the same view that I had set aside to paint!

This is located in Solvang and has turned into quite a wine region. As I’ve said in previous posts, I love to paint in Figueroa Mountain and then when we’re done, wine taste in Solvang or Los Olivos. The only problem? I’m usually the DD so I truly have to taste and spit. I hate wasting all that wine!

What attracted me to this scene was the way the bushes in the foreground seemed to frame the view. Harlan Ellison wrote in a foreward to one of this short stories: “Writers take a trip through other peoples lives.” I think the same thing for artists, except maybe “we peek around corners.”