Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Looking for images to paint is a lot like taking a trip down memory lane. I think most artists always have an eye out for a painting wherever we go — if we aren’t able to bring paints, the next best thing is a camera.

I took this painting in the UP of Michigan. Any “Yoopers” out there will know exactly where this is… for everyone else, the lower part of Michigan looks like a mitten and the UP looks like a sideways hand with a thumb sticking up. This was at the very tip near Copper Harbor at a place called Eagle Harbor. This is a little inlet that is actually part of Lake Superior. Lake Superior is so large that from most views (but ot this one) looks like the ocean.

So…down to the painting. I decided to use a square format. My board is 6″ square. I toned the cradled board and then laid down the notan.

I picked some smaller sizes because I thought it would be faster and easier than a larger piece — but… it is tricky! Everything is so small!

Still absolutely LOVE my en pleinair pro easel! We are going to Alaska later this summer so I bought this to bring with me — it’s a little lighter than my other set-up. I had no idea it would work out great in the studio.

Tomorrow is open studio – a free event sponsored by Ojai Studio Artists. If you want to come by, just click on the link above and get the map!