Fort Wilkins

This piece is from Copper Harbor, Michigan from the tip of the Keweeknaw that juts out into Lake Superior. Visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan reminds me a lot of Ontario, Canada where I used to spend my summers.

There is blessed silence of man-made sounds — you hear the wind rustling through the trees, the birds flying through the air and the lake – so large- that the waves think they reside in the ocean instead of the lake. I always think that if I listen really hard, I can hear the rhythm of the world — but so far, I can’t quite find it. I think the pattern is so long and old that I won’t live long enough to hear it.

Anyway… I was attracted to this scene because of the vivid green, something we rarely see in Southern California and the sunlit buildings. I knew I wanted to paint it.

In my notan, I made sure to paint a bright color for the buildings so I’d remember to keep it light.

Of course, I had to make adjustments, but at least it gives me a “road map” for the rest of the painting.

This piece is 4″ x 6″ and painted on cradled board.