Morning at Haleakalā

On a wonderful trip to Maui last year, (our first!) we woke up very early our first morning to watch them sunrise from Haleakalā. The road was long and windy and for someone who is prone to car sickness…was not looking forward to it.

We reached the top of the mountain about 4:30 am and it was one of those times that I wished I had brought my paints. I took photos and stared at the colors hoping they would sear in my brain… 

When I was looking for something to paint, I was immediately attracted to the darkness rising from the bottom (the mountains) and the crack of color at the horizon. I knew I had to paint it!

I remember sitting there with blankets (in Hawaii!) the brisk breeze blowing around us. The sun came up, and we all headed down the mountain to shed our blankets and enjoy the Hawaiian surf and sun.

This piece is 5″ x 5″ and painted on cradled board.