Hazy Day at Carrizon National Monument

Had a wonderful time in Houston at a family reunion (Opa! Can you guess our ethnicity?) but even with all the action – I found myself missing my little daily paintings. I remember sitting on the bed in my hotel – it was 11 pm Houston time, but 9 pm California time. I was not ready to sleep and really wishing I had brought my paints.

Then, I looked around at the room and saw my mom in the next bed and realized there was no room for me to have set-up anyway.

I started thinking about my daily paintings and realized I didn’t have enough cradled boards at home and with company coming, no time to make them. So I googled art supply stores and found a Jerrys Artorama!  OMG! I didn’t know they had physical stores. I picked up some great deals on cradled boards and packed my suitcase full.

On my flight home, I looked through photos and chose a bunch I wanted to paint. I use PS Express on my ipad to crop the photos to the same ration as the boards I’m painting on.

Anyway… today’s subject is from some painting adventures last year with friends. We “Chased Wildflowers” throughout Southern California and painted.