Foster Park with Water!

Those that live close to Foster Park might not even realize that there are times where you can see the water and the shore. I used to paint with Sally Miller, a wonderful lovely woman full of life and wisdom. She used to bring us to Foster Park and frankly, I found it a little boring. But, I liked Sally, so I always went painting with her. (To give you an idea of her personality, she told us a story that describes her perfectly: she was plein air painting, I think in Chicago, someone stole her purse. She jaunted over a fence and got her purse back! This tiny little lady had the spunk of someone 6’4″!)

Anyway…I digress. One time, after many storms, we went to Foster Park. I was in shock! I could see the river. I knew the river was technically there — but we could never see it because of all the arundo that grew on the shore. The storms had washed the arundo away and the river could breathe again!

After that, I was at Foster Park a lot. Every time we get rain, I race down to Foster Park to see if the river is free.