Solvang Fields

People don’t realize that being a painter isn’t just slapping paint on surface. Many of us make our own canvases, cut our own boards, make our own frames.

I have a good friend (yes Susan, if you’re reading this — I’m talking about you!) who loves making her canvases. She’ll spend hours gessoing and sanding her canvas until everything is the way she wants. Me? I don’t wanna do it! But… it does save lots of money, so I do.

So, today, I sanded the edge of some of cradled boards.

And then I had to gesso them.

Then I could finally start painting!

Today’s painting is from a BBQ that I went to a couple of years ago at Louis “Dirtman” Lucas’ Valley View Vineyard¬† through Lucas and Lewelleyn.

The place was beautiful (the views!) and the wine is wonderful. As a matter of fact, I’m drinking one of their wines as I write this. This is a little larger than I ‘ve been painting — it’s 6″ x 8″. I love the way the trees/bushes frame the light on the fields — which is probably why I painted it.