How many times have you seen an original work of art and thought, “I really like it…but maybe I’ll buy it later.”

And..has this ever happened to you? You decide to purchase and the piece is gone…or maybe the piece haunts you and you can’t quite remember where you saw it or even know how to buy it.

How do I know this happens? Because artists buy work as well and it has happened to me.

So, I’m making it easy for you to buy work…I have exclusive deals for my e-newsletter and blog subscribers.

FREE Shipping on all original art AND FREE Framing (if the painting has a frame). Also, a FREE wall calendar filled with my original art.

How do you access these GREAT deals? My online store will be up soon!

The FREE Shipping is calculated in…if you want the frame, just order the unframed piece and don’t select framing – I”ll ship it out with a frame!

If you are local…well, my shopping cart is not too sophisticated…so free shipping doesn’t help much, so…I will reimburse you the sales tax. What a deal!! I’ll deliver and reimburse you.

You can shop in jammies…click and pay with your credit card and gift yourself an original work of art…or maybe gift someone special on your list.

Happy Holidays,

Christine Apostolina Beirne

PS Make an artist happy – buy some art!

PPS If you are in the area, make sure and check out an upcoming show at Primavera Gallery in Ojai. It’s a fashion show — it’s an art exhibit — it’s all in one! Dec. 2 – Dec. 9 with TWO receptions, the 2nd and 9th from 7 – 9 pm.