Abundance opens at Gallery 113 in Santa Barbara

Abundance, a month-long exhibit at Gallery 113 in Santa Barbara opens on September 3, 2019 and runs through September 28.

A reception for the artists (there are a few of us showing at Gallery 113 – I’m in a section upstairs) is during 1st Thursday in Santa Barbara. I’ll be there from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Would love to see you!

Gallery 113 – located in the La Arcada Courtyard (close to the museum and library)
1114 State St., #8, Santa Barbara

Now… about this piece. It is titled Upper Ojai Lavendar Farm, it’s 16×20 and is oil/cold wax on cradled board.

What??!! What did I say? What the heck is cold wax and what is a cradled board?

Cold wax is a medium. Medium’s can be added to oil to give them different properties, such as gloss, drying time, extending the pigment, etc. Cold wax not only speeds up the drying time but it gives body to the paint that then allows the artist to imprint, build, stamp. I”ve used it for abstract works but I also love how it works for landscapes as well.

Cradled board is actually board (as opposed to canvas) that has pieces of wood on the side. What’s nice, is that it doesn’t need framing – the sides on this particular cradled board are about an inch.

I actually started painting this piece in the window at Ojai Valley Artists Gallery as part of the lavendar festival, but then was very busy getting ready for my piece that is current hanging in the Ojai Valley Museum as part of Ojai Studio Artists annual exhibit. So, I just finished it last week.

So… you can buy a piece hot of the press — or rather the easel. And… it is dry. Sort’ve…